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Magic of having soaked Nuts

Nuts, seeds, and grains contain inhibitors to protect them and prevent germination until the conditions are perfect. However, when these foods are ingested, these enzyme inhibitors compromise our digestion and health. Soaking them neutralizes these anti-nutrients and enzyme inhibitors to make them more digestible. As a rule - the harder the nut, the longer the…
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Walnuts: The Nutrition Game Changer

Walnuts primarily originated in Persia. Walnuts are as old as Greek mythology and Roman history. The medicinal virtues of walnut are explained briefly in many Greek and Roman medical writings. They are classified as one of the important ingredients in the Mediterranean diet. Walnuts have long been considered healthy for overall wellbeing. ETG Agro India,…
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Almond Nutrition Facts

ETG Agro India, with its flagship enterprise ETC Agro Processing India Pvt. Ltd., is one of the largest processors and marketers in the global pulse processing industry. It has recently commissioned the state-of-the-art Nuts – Almonds processing plant with over 100 strong women workforce at Kheda, Gujarat. Nuts are marketed under the brand – ETG…
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