• Export Trading Company established in Kenya to market locally produced and manufactured goods in East and Central Africa.


  • Company bought by its present owners and introduced into the East African Market as an agricultural participant.
  • ETG emerged as a major supplier in food aid operations with the United Nation World Food Programme becoming its biggest customer. To service the contract, trading routes were established in Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia.
  • Operations were extended to Southern Africa.


  • The Company expanded its food aid portfolio to become a prominent supplier to various NGOs.
  • Supply chain diversification in regard to pulses processing, became a strategic priority with significant infrastructure investments made in processing storage and logistics in East and Southern Africa.


  • ETG focused on value addition through processing with the addition of facilities in Mozambique, Uganda, India and Tanzania.
  • ETG opened its first North American office and significantly expanded its branded-product pulse processing acquisitions in the areas of Maize, Soya Beans, Wheat, Nuts and Coffee.
  • Volume of commodities handled exceeded One Million Tonnes.


  • Standard Chartered Private Equity invested in ETG.
  • Business structured into five verticals.
  • Carlyle’s 7.32% stake in ETC Group - bought back by Export Trading Group PTE Ltd, Singapore.


  • Erected a plant in Bangladesh and expanded Canada operations.
  • ETG commenced operations in Saudi Arabia & CIS region.
  • Launched Vamara Group.
  • Carved out process for EIHL completed with PIC as new shareholders.
  • Mitsui collaborated with ETG as a key strategic partner.
  • Acquired Zamanita in Zambia, Ilta Grains in Canada, Wimpak in Australia, and Sidi Parani in South Africa.
  • Acquired Bean processing facility and related production assets from Globeway's Canada in Plum Coulee, Manitoba.
  • Integrated with Cocoanect, expanded operations in Ecuador, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Russia, Spain, Netherlands, and the USA.
  • Expanded product offering range with new inclusions - Cocoa, Nuts, Chemicals and Polymers.
  • Cashew processing plant was set up in Vietnam.
  • Launched Exchange-traded commodities vertical in India under KCIPL.
  • Nuts processing plants focusing Almonds, Walnuts and Peanuts set in Kheda, India.
  • Coffee processing plant set in Coorg, India under KCIPL.